Explore the beach

The beaches here are private, except for the adjacent park, so be respectful, but feel free to walk and explore north or south.   Lots to see both directions.   Highly recommend a walk south to the point at low tide.  Its one of the most pristine beaches in Puget Sound.

Clam Digging, Crabbing, Fishing

You are welcome to dig clams at the park next to Anchors Away.  Be sure to have a valid shellfish license and always refill the holes you dig.  Dig anywhere in the gravel at low tide and find abundant butter clams.   At the lowest tides, you can find cockles and sand shrimp.  In season, crabbing and fishing is excellent.   

Get out on the Water

Anchors Away provides 2 recreational kayaks and a small rowboat.  You must agree to our waiver to access the boats. 

 If you wish to launch your own boat, The park next door has a nice ramp  and parking lot for your trailer.   We have a   mooring buoy for small vessels.  (daytime use only)

Launch your kayak or paddelboard from our beach.  Calm waters are the norm except during our late fall and winter months. 


Behind the cabin is a natural brackish water wetland and alder forest on the hill.   In front, you'll have plenty of opportunity to capture great pictures all day.  Seals, sea lions, whales (gray and orca), otters, waterfowl, and vessel traffic are common sights.

Explore the island

Nearby, Langley is a charming island town with plenty of shops and restaurants.  Check out some of the bays and harbors.   Golf, Wineries, Galleries, Museums are all within a reasonable drive.   Or take the day and explore the length of the island, all the way up to beautiful Deception Pass and back.

Or - just enjoy the solitude of a quite getaway.  Snuggle up in front of the fire, with a glass of wine and a good book.  Play games with the family, or put your culinary skills to work on you favorite clam chowder or seafood recipe.  Enjoy your stay at Anchors Away!